DATE : 24-04-15 16:52
[NEW&GRADUATION] Youtuber Ayane came to EGAcademy!
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Hello everyone! This time, we would like to introduce a special guest, YouTuber Ayane, who stayed at EG Academy for just one week.

Ayane runs a popular YouTube channel focused on language learning. Her channel mainly introduces her methods of learning English and her own experiences!

Ayane also shared her unique learning method and tips for learning languages. Her experienced advice has been invaluable to many of our students!

Also, I would like to thank Ayane  for speaking so closely with us EG Academy staff and other students!

Although it was a short stay of one week, Ayane's visit brought new energy and excitement to EG Academy, and her valuable experience and passion made us even more motivated to learn languages!  

Ayane, thank you very much for coming to EG Academy! Be sure to check out her YouTube channel too! ! !