EG Academy

Salutation from the EG Academy Family!

EG Academy: Mission

This institution focuses on developing and utilizing a system of education that is most effective to meet the needs of learners of English as a language and for useful articulation so that they would be confident enough and be able to meet the challenges even beyond rudimentary communications, orally or in writing.

It offers foreign language tutorials and training services for individuals or groups who are acquainting themselves or for further development with the English language so that each of them would have an excellent lingual foundation contributory to being a better person and a member of society

English is now used by millions of speakers for a number of communicative functions across the world.

English has spread widely all over the world, English has advanced as an international language especially after World War II. English seems to have been adopted as the language of globalization these days as the language of global culture and international economy.

Proficiency in English is seen as a desirable goal for youngsters and elderly people in all countries and in many parts of the world, to the point of equating inability in the use of English to disability. A better knowledge of modern languages will facilitate communication and interaction among EG Students and will promote mobility and mutual understanding.

Especially in the twenty-first century, English language proficiency is achieved principally in the situation of formal teaching.

Here in EG Academy the teaching of English is conducted in an environment where we give a STRONG English-speaking ONLY community. EG Family continue to point out that in a typical English Academy environment, students' exposure to English is bound to be limitless. Connecting not only the values and life style of Philippines but all sorts of others from the teachers, and students own cultural and traditions.

Our method is characterized by systematic and detailed analysis of grammar, extensive use of translation in teaching and learning. Such methods emphasizes a good command of grammatical rules, vocabulary, and sentence structure. We offer Comprehensive English, or integrated English, students can take other electives such as business English, English interpretation or other specialized English courses. We now OFFER new methods to explore three EXTREMELY important, but not rarely taught, components of English fluency that can drastically change the way you speak, listen, and flow in communication. There are almost no school that teach this.

EG Academy is known for having high sufficient oral English proficiency and effectiveness in training qualified personnel help the students in, English teaching should cultivate students' comprehensive English skills, especially listening and speaking skills, so they can communicate effectively in both oral and written English after graduation.

English native teachers have high English proficiency and familiarity with the cultures of English-speaking countries, is, thus, feasible by adopting and comprehending not only the idioms, collocations, proverbs, famous speeches, TV, etc. but how and when they usually use them.

EG Academy loves to take all other factors into account. All these changes obviously aim to achieve the more positive effect of improving students' communicative competence through English language. This methods also proposes possible activities to be used by new generations of English teachers in order to facilitate a linguistic and cultural immersion essential for the acquisition of the English language.

One of the problems that other students suffer from is that when students finish their English lessons, they forget the language. They are not in contact with the language because all the things that surround them. EG Academy encourages the students to have additional social interaction to improve their English skills.

We want to break barriers of the cultural differences and use it to infuse and cultivate it as a new modern method of using culture and tradition. Students who may be grammatically competent but communicatively incompetent. Even college students are still not able to engage effectively in basic communicative tasks even after many years of formal English instructions.

“Be a Part of Our Family”

Here in EG Academy we take great pleasure in providing the students with the best English curriculums. As an option, the EG Family would be more than happy to help those students and families with extra-curriculums outside of classes such as, hiking in Mt. Pinatubo Volcano, Natural Hot Spring, Hundred Islands at Zambales, Horseback-riding “EL Kabayo”, Zoobic Safari, etc. To better insure students and families to have an active role to exert significant influence encourage them to make or use the skills taught during classes.

EG Academy wants to focus not only within classes but outside of classes with other foreign students and teachers to help continue your studies. So not only will we help you during class time but also during the entire stay with the EG Academy Family.  

EG Academy.