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EG English Learning System is a unique education program in EG Academy which offers compositive classes. Each class is designed to incorporate several language skills such as Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

The most important thing is to master each level using appropriate vocabularies.

To become fluent in English, it is not enough to simply memorize words and grammar rules. We should use vocabularies and grammar in writing and speaking. EG English Learning System is the most effective system. For doing that Vocabulary and Grammar are subdivided into Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

According to your level, we will give suitable books and classes to students in our 8 levels. They will also take 6 classes a day designed perfectly by EG program.

EG Academy
EG Academy

The most effective way of learning English is to train students to speak fluently.

During speaking and listening, students should adapt learning English as a habit. Those trainings should be repeated and continued. Our curriculum is the best method with 6 classes a day for students.

For effective studying, EG Academy made books for each level and class. All of the EG books have their own syllabus. The objective of every class is programmed systematically.


Because each class is connected to each other, EG ELS does not require students to study again after finishing their classes.

Our program was designed in a way that students can learn English just by attending and participating in class. Of course, students` improvement depends on their performance and we guarantee great improvement, especially to those who exert effort.

EG Academy
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